Terry Farrell Firefighters' Fund

The Terry Farrell Firefighter's Fund of Alabama

The Terry Fund is a firefighter charity established after the World Trade Center attacks on 9-11. Terry Farrell was serving for the FDNY on Rescue 4 when he was killed during these attacks. Since that time our founder (and Terry’s brother), Brian Farrell, has worked diligently to create a charity that supports firefighters and their families with educational, medical, and equipment needs. We are a national organization and now have active chapters in New York, California, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, Texas, New Jersey and Colorado. We operate solely on a volunteer basis using predominantly firefighters with some help from friends of the fund.

I Stand with the AFFMEC. Will you join me?

Every three days, one firefighters' life is tragically lost, answering the call to protect others... "
In light of this, I am proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Alabama Firefighters Museum & Education Center as they seek to ensure that the lives, the stories and the memories of many of these brave men and women, especially in the South, will not forever disappear into the ashes, as families, departments and communities take the opportunity to memorialize their heroes' past and honor their heroes' present.
In addition to this, what the AFFMEC is striving to do, by providing access for all ages to learn about preventing the fires, is so important. It is something that will protect not just those responding in the fire service, but will ultimately protect the lives of your children, your grandparents, your neighbors, even you! It's a huge effort that asks the support of everyone to accomplish.
I am standing with the AFFMEC. Will you join me?"
- Brian Farrell

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Our Efforts

“…the fund delivered over $60,000 worth of surplus equipment… These donations are vital to small rural departments and the communities we serve.”  -Evan Fisk, 1st Assistant Chief, Rensselaer Fire and Rescue, NY

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