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About the Terry Farrrell Firefighters Fund


A 501(c) (3) registered charity                                        tax I.D. # 56-2512213

510 Grumman Rd. West

Bethpage, NY 11714



The Terry Farrell Firefighters’ Fund was established after 9/11/01 in memory of Terry Farrell, killed while serving with Rescue 4/FDNY & past Chief of the Hicksville and Dix Hills Fire Departments. The Fund supports the families of firefighters across the United States with Educational & Financial Grants.


The Fund to date has given out over $4,250,000 to the families of firefighters and an additional $6,200,000 in surplus gear and apparatus nationwide:

  • We grant scholarships to the children of firefighters and Emergency Workers across Long Island.

  • We assist with financial needs of emergency Workers in times of medical emergencies. Such assistance is available to all first responders nationwide.

  • We provide Cardiac Defibrillators to Educational Institutions and Communities showing need.

  • We provide emergency medical funding to any first responder or family member during times of need.

  • We supply rural Fire Departments with surplus equipment and apparatus donated from Fire Departments having a greater tax base and ability to obtain gear through such tax base.

  • We set-up and sponsor Blood and Bone marrow collections to assist with matching Donors and Cancer Victims nationwide.

  • We provide training to first responders who can neither afford nor obtain such training.

  • We respond to disaster areas in the United States with needed emergency gear, apparatus, and medical equipment to assist the local community and restock items and equipment lost such as in the recent Baton Rouge flooding.

  • We provide secure and private mental health and domestic counseling to the families of first responders

  • We support, train and supply New York “juniors” programs


We remain an all-volunteer Fund with chapters in 15 States from New York to California. We operate on an annual administrative budget of 3% or less leaving $.97 of every dollar going right where it belongs….to the first responders and their families.

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